Make money while surfing!

This is not a sponsored post (it may be lengthy though, but I promise it is worthwhile). I am sharing this information because I think you'll find it very useful.

Agloco is a new company destined to help web users earn money while surfing and is FREE!! to join. If I had read about this company BEFORE I made $1400 (and counting) off of PayPerPost, I might be a little more skeptical...but now, I know that anything is possible with these Web 2.0 companies.

There are two ways to make money through Agloco.
(1) Surf the web like you normally would.
(2) Refer others to Agloco, and get paid for a percentage of the hours they surf.

So, the natural question you should be asking yourself right now is where is this money coming from? Well, while viewing the web, Agloco gathers certain information about things like which online shops you like. "Isn't that like spyware?" you might be asking yourself. Well, no! Spyware serves a similar purpose, but sneaks its way onto your computer and is very hard to get rid of. Agloco must be downloaded (so no sneaking), and even then it may be turned off or uninstalled at any time. Some companies are willing to pay BIG bucks to try and figure out the best ways to drive people to their site! I remember a site similar to this called AllAdvantage that I made $30 off of surfing the web when I was like 16...but that site doesn't have nearly all of the bells and whistles that this site does!

So, you wake up, turn the computer on, boot up Agloco and get paid while you check your mail, check out your favorite blogs, and maybe buy a new book on Amazon. Now, let's say you want to check your online bank statement, and don't feel comfortable having Agloco watch over you then. Simply, shut down the program, and don't boot it up again until you're good and ready!

The most genius thing about Agloco though is its earnings sharing. Consider this...recently YouTube was bought out for a price of 1.75 billion dollars (yes, billion with a B). The 3 gentlemen who created the website split it 3 ways. But, what about the initial users who told all their friends about YouTube and posted all their videos there and made YouTube the success that it is, rising above all its competitors? What do they get (besides free video hosting)? They get nothing! With Agloco, everyone gets a share of money generated through advertising and other, certainly the creators will get MORE than the normal user (as well they should), but the fact of the matter is, they're sharing!

So, why not sign up and give it a try? It's free to even if you are skeptical, this is a no risk situation here! Click any of the links in this post to join Agloco (while using me as your referral).


Reza said…
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Chris said…
Think you need some better spam protection as your sites growing Bobby - time for WordPress?

How much do those affiliate links pay? It's a pyramidal thing isn't it, so you get a cut of who your referees sign up? John Chow has apparently made a bit of cash this way.

I'll check it out, thanks.
Thanks Bobby, I'll go have a look :)
Victor said…
Im also in agloco.. still no referral til now. too bad, their viewbar is currently in beta. :I
feve said…
i'd say there is a significant difference in blogs and website/masters. bloggers tend to be a society of their own, and of course part of the blogosphere.

however, everywhere you go, spammers can't wait to leech on to something.

anyway.. i'm a privacy freak, and i'm not too sure i want someone to observe all my search activies. i have bookmarked AGLOCO, but i predict if i sign up it would only be as an affiliate. i'm content with my current search configuration, and where i go on the net i feel is my own business.

part of me feels, maybe people will see it the same way, but i dunno.

interesting find though, thanks.
Lisa said…
I sure am hearing a lot about Agloco lately!! I've had similar thoughts like Feve, so I'm not sure...

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