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Do you live in or around San Antonio? Home of the Alamo...and home to a pretty good San Antonio Attorney. Well, I guess you don't really have to live in that area for this San Antonio Lawyer...this guy has a website! And on this website he is offering a free consultation. Hiring a lawyer is serious business, there are a lot of good ones out there...but also a lot of greedy, manipulative ones too. If you need an attorney, chances are you're either in trouble or fighting to keep or gain a large sum of money. Those are serious issues. The fact that you get a free consultation in huge. You get to sit down and talk to the guy...not only do you get some free preliminary legal advice, but you get a chance to scope out whether you think he'd be a good lawyer. It's kind of like he is interviewing for the position to be your lawyer...and you're the boss! And well, you should be the's your's your neck on the should call who is going to represent you. One day I thought I might like to be a lawyer, and sometimes I still do...maybe someday if I make a fortune on the internet and can quit teaching, I'll get my law degree just for fun!


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