Goji Berries [LL]

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I'll give you 2 guesses to figure out which continent Goji Berries come from...... Did you guess Asia? Well you're right! They definitely sound Asian, but to my knowledge there aren't many fruits that come from Asia. This one perhaps makes up for the lack of other fruits. Grown primarily in an area of Tibet, Goji Berries are thought by many to be very healthy. There are many health benefits of the Goji Berries, both scientifically proven and speculative. I'm not a big fruit eater, but I love me some juice. Goji Berry Juice has all the same advantages... I wonder if I can find that in my grocery store here in New Jersey. There is actually a large section of Asian foods in the super market, because there is a large contigent of an Asian population here (are you surprised? I live in Princeton, New Jersey...home of Princeton University). These tasty, little berries are considered by many to be one of the most nutritious foods known to man! I wonder how high pizza is on that list, because I love pizza! My current favorite fruit is the strawberry...but I'm not that wild about them, so its hold on that title is tenuous at best. I am very serious, if I can find these at the store this week, I will get them and write a follow up review!
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