Cell Phones #2 [PPP]

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Hope you guys enjoyed my first cell phone ad (and who are we kidding, of course you did!) because here come another. One of the things I find most confusing is how different phones only work for different providers. It's like, they're all doing the same thing, why can't I transfer phones between service providers. For example, now, as I mentioned below, I have a Verizon cell phone. But, before that my wife and I had Nextel (which, if I may pause briefly was a HUGE mistake...they didn't have free mobile to mobile minutes, even though my wife and I shared a plan...at the time we were living in separate states, so we needed to call each other a lot...for each minute we talked to one another, it took 2 minutes off our plan!). Anyway, when we made the switch, we wouldve liked to bring our old phone with us to the new plan, because the phone itself was great, just hte provider sucked. But, alas, that was not an option. Luckily Wirefly has all their phones sorted by service provider, which makes it really easy just to browse the phones that will work with your plan!


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