Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/18/2007

Bond's Big Leather Couch
...a review by Starrlight from Here Comes A Storm In The Form Of A Girl

When Bobby asked me to Guest Review for Bestest Blog of the Day I not only said yes, I instantly knew who would be my inaugural inductee. I'd like to invite you all to come on in, sit down and make yourselves comfy on The Couch!

Bond has some of the best content and the widest variety I have found to date in the Bloggerhood. Sports, music, and movies, Bond covers them all.

Head on over to The Couch on Monday's for The Monday Matinee where Bond tells us a story complete with soundtrack. Every week Bond serves us up a compelling read and is kind enough to remind us to make the popcorn before hand!

Bond has also put a new "spin" on Wednesday's. He has not only decided Wordless was not his style, he also decided the day needed a dose of beats. Mid-week Musical Meme, a fun and really challenging (HARD!) take on Name That Tune with regulars competing to get their name in lights above the couch.

The Couch will also offer you a seat on for the weekly favoriteThursday Thirteen which recently feature a pictorial 13 chronicling his life. I demand an invite to the next clambake!

Fridays gives us the Wide World Of Sports, Couch Style! where Bond gives us his take on the week in sports. The Couch has no problem letting the stuffing fly when dealing with sports:

"Those of you who have been around a while might remember THE COUCH holding vigil hoping for Barry Bonds to retire. He hasn't but he might end up doing so now.
See, it has been reported that good old Barry tested positive for amphetamines during the 2006 season. Yes kids, you heard us...the poster boy for the steroid cloud hanging over baseball tested positive for uppers."

So head on over and make yourself comfortable on The Big Leather Couch and don't forget to tell Bond that Starrlight and Bestest Blog sent you!


Clickin Mama J said…
Great pick!
Desert Songbird said…
Starr -- right on, girl! Bond IS the Best!
I am honored that y'all have selected THE COUCH as your Site Of The Day. My blogging life changed when I found this site because it led me to some of my favorite blogs.
The community that has grown up arount you site, Bobby, is very special indeed.

To Starrlight..well, what can I say. Your words touched me. This is very special and I will never forget it. Thank you lovely lady. BUT this still doesn't get you out of trying to fit me in your luggage for your Hawaii trip!
Jessica said…
Luved the content of your blog and yeah!!! Bond is the best! kudos to him.
Tisha! said…
Bond is a very special individual and it is my good fortune to cross paths with him! His stimulates us through his choices of music, his writing - I love Monday Matinee, his presence.

You're fantabulous Bond!
Barb said…
Bond is great :)
Twyla said…
I have been sitting on The Couch for a while now, and I knew it wouldn't be long before it would be named Bestest Blog of the Day. Congrats Bond! :-)
Anonymous said…
Comfy couch makes one into a fat couch potato.
Anonymous said…
Good choice; I enjoyed the posts I read today. Thanks!
Excellent choice!
I thought I was going to have to come back as a guest reviewer just so I could honor Bond!!!
Thanks, Starrlight, for the review & nomination for our favorite couch master!
tiggerprr said…
What a nice lovefest! :) And rightfully so.
Oh..hope the couch survived the seat traffic!
AtriaBooks said…
The Couch is the definition of "Bestest"--This was loooooooooong over due in my book.

Conrats to the best piece of furniture on the web!
great choice! i couldn't have said it better myself! bee
TopChamp said…
Congrats to Bond!! Just been over for a brief sitdown and saw the link here.... well deserved x
Unknown said…
Finally =)

twinnsmom said…
I am impressed and you should be so proud! Great job. Thanks for sharing and keeping us informed.

Love you,
Rainbow said…
WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! Way to go Bond!!!!!
krystyna said…
Great choise!
Congratulations to Bon!

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