Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/17/2007

Second Effort
...a guest review by Empress Bee (of the high sea)

I first read this blog some months ago and found a (shhh...very sweet but don't tell him) curmudgeonly attorney in Chicago. He is a family man that loves his wife and children and that attracted me to him 'cause, well, I do too, so right there we had something in common. Now he will not let us know what he looks like, I tried without success to get him to post a photo. He chooses his anonymity and I begrudgingly learned to accept that. He says this is his communion photo:

Technology? Read his views here. He is a sports fan, a historian, and an all around good guy.

He refers to himself as "a 'dinosaur' – not that he’s extinct, but that he lives a cheerfully old-fashioned life: titular head of an intact nuclear family; a churchgoing resident of the bungalow belt."

I just love that y'all. And I think the Curmudgeon is a wonderful choice for Bestest Blog of the Day if I do say so myself!


Morgen said…
Yay, Bee! Excellent review!

Congrats to the Curmudgeon on Bestest Blog Of The Day!
yes curmudgeon, congratulations my friend. blog well done.....bee
The Beach Bum said…
Bobby -
I changed the word scam to sham, which was the word I originally intended to use. I had a few too many Bloody Marys this afternoon.
I didn't mean to imply that you have tricked or cheated anyone; you are up front about everything that you do.
And, I do admire you, for the effort that you have put into your blog. You deserve every dollar that you earn.
I was surprised that you visited my Blog today.
The Beach Bum
The Curmudgeon said…
Wow. Thank you, Bee. Thank you, Bobby. I deeply appreciate this.
sap said…
good, nice choice.
Skittles said…
EXCELLENT Choice!!!!
Shahana said…
u have good writing skill too...
Mark said…
wow, I think it must be hard to keep a secret identity, as I like to post my pictures and stuff, and you have a GREAT blog !!

greets, Mark
great choice!love to see people out there who are still anchored to what is good and beautiful in this world --simple yet powerful family values. like it alot!
Princess Banter said…
Woo... must've been some serious effort creating this. Congratulations!
R2K said…
: )
Smalltown RN said…
Congrats know I am a regular at your blog...and for reason mentioned by Miss Bee and more, you blog is worth of the award....

SQT said…
Good choice Bee.

Congrats Curmy!
Wow! you look like a very successful blogger!
Scope said…
Envy of all in the blogging community. :)

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