Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/16/2007

Pointless Drivel
...a review by Mimi Lenox of Mimi Writes

We all need drivel. Right? Listed in the Funny Blogs category, I'd say that's an understatement in this case. "Someday this blog is going to get me killed," writes the comedian in detective's clothing. Once you cross the yellow crime scene tape it's truly a riot. Most of the time dear Pointless is just full of....of...."love"... shall we say. Warning: Mr. Drivel can be a tad irreverent, but always relevant. Isn't that what counts?

I must say that the layout of his blog drew me in. The not-so-pointless-drivel made my stay a pleasant one.
Even for a crime scene.
Touted as "the weird kid" as a child, once you read Who Is Mr. Fabulous you'll soon understand and sympathize with the accusation. Guilty as charged and proud of it.
Never fear. He has a spiritual side too. (God talks to him about gum.)I'm not sure which side that is, but nevertheless, it's there. You decide.
I promise it's never boring!
Tell him Mimi and Bestest Blog of All-Time sent you over. And for Heaven's sake watch that yellow tape! Maybe say Three Hail Marys just for luck.....Wouldn't hurt.


Starrlight said…
Great Choice Mimi!
Anonymous said…
Ur blog is really cool & I would like to exchange links with u . i tried searching for ur email throughout the blog since i could not find it i request you to please email me
R2K said…
Did you know blogger random blog button often links to you?!?!

How do I get it to do that for me?
Duck said…
You guys should try this blog!
Tug said…
michele said…
You go Fab you're a star baby!
Gawpo said…
TESTIMONIAL: Mr. Fabulous' Pointless Drivel has changed my life! And when I get out, I'm going to have a whole new outlook (over my shoulder) on life. Thanks, Fab. I owe so much to you.
Mr Fabulous is all that and a pack of M&M's! Hard on the outside, soft and chocolately good on the inside and hilarious when animated.
Milo said…
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Jessica said…
A real good blog dude. We all need drivel!! I totally agree with you

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