Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/15/2007

Award Haven
A lot of times I think it would be a good idea to review a blog whose theme coincides with a major event (i.e. a political blog during elections week). Unfortunately, usually by the time I have that idea, the important event has passed...BUT NOT THIS TIME!

Tonight is the Golden Globes award ceremony...the first major awards show of the year, and often looked at as a prelude to the Oscars. What I like about the Golden Globes is that it is more laid back. The celebrities are kind of informal...cracking jokes and making fun of one another. It's nice to see a side of them that is almost real.

Well, if the Golden Globes are the beginning of award season, then this blog is about to kick it into high gear. Award Haven is a blog dedicated to these types of awards shows. Here are Head Honcho's picks for the Golden Globe winners. He thinks that Ugly Betty has a good shot at rocking the Golden Globes.

One of the main interests of the winner's at the Golden Globes is trying to at least predict the nominees at the Oscar's. Here is some of his prediction and analysis before the Globes even take place.

Head Honcho covers a lot of Awards. From semi-popular ones to ones I wasn't even really award existed...BAFTA, Critics Choice Awards, even the annual blog awards The Bloggies.

So if you're into awards shows...whether it be to see who's wearing who, or to root for your favorites, you'll love Award Haven!


Mistress Regina said…

It was a pleasure seeing that you had visited Ladies, Goddesses And Bitches tonight. I was in the process of doing some sidebar updating. I have added a new section - Traffic Builders - where you are located.

Perhaps you'll return, confirm and possibly write a comment we may publish.

Wondering what we might do to gain consideration for one of your awards, Bobby?
Nick Short said…
I always felt that the Golden Globes were like the "ghetto oscars." I really hope Ugly Betty wins something. It is a nice show.

Hi, I'm Jonny Rage and I'm new to the neigborhood. My blog is Feel free to check it out.
Head Honcho said…
As editor of Award Haven, I must say that I am so deeply humbled and grateful for this recognition!

Everyone's welcome to come check out the site and root on their favorite films, TV shows, or music.
xazuru said…
whoa.. where did you get this award?
good year
Rogers Place said…
Nice pages here. Great information. Will visit again and recommend.
Thanks! I hope everybody comes to visit me in Podunk! (Come on down, y'all...)
maggie said…
I love ugly betty. That show is so good. I'm glad they did good.

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