Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/05/2007

She Says It's Pretty Dumb
...but I sure don't. A review by Jessie from Who Are We

And since it's not dumb it has to be my pick for Bestest Blog of The Day! Chel and Chelle do a great job of running this blog. It's updated regularly, they have a quote each day, and you even make sure you know the right song lyrics.

No matter what topic you are looking for you can find it by visiting She Says It's Pretty Dumb. Do you want a post about cats or a post about Harry Potter... Oh wait I bet you want a post about travel or maybe one that will make you laugh. Chel and Chelle have it all!

So take the time to go by and visit Chel and Chelle. They are great at visiting other bloggers. They leave comments and are fun to get to know. When you stop by
She Says It's Pretty Dumb tell them that Jessie from Who Are We says it's not dumb! And make sure to tell them that you found them by way of The Bestest Blog Of All Time!


Kara said…
Great pick! I recently found her blog and love it :D
Anonymous said…
Its over bestest boy. You are reported. Its only a matter of time. Pathetic.
Evel said…
Wow! That sounds ominous.

Dun dun... dun dun... dun dun dun dun dun dun dun..(my fickle attempt at a Jaws theme)
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Skittles said…
YES!!!! Chelle & Chel are fantastic!!!!
Girasol said…
sidcruise said…
Great Site thanks!
Sanni said…
Great choice =)
gato said…
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Hey Bobby,

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amber said…
Ya i saw their blog.It deserves the reward which you gave them.

Nice blog after a long time.
Anonymous said…
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