Bestest Blog of the Day: 01/03/2007

The Profile Directory of Bloggers
Did you like analogies when you were in school? Me neither...but I think it's the easiest way to describe this blog:
Bestest Blog IS TO blogs AS Profile Direcotry IS TO profiles.

Ok, that seemed slightly redundant. But Blogger Daniel Thompson tells us why profiles are important. Even though he has some 5 blogs...2 of which have his name right in the title...and all of which he uses "posted by Daniel Thompson" for each post...his profile page still comes up WAY higher in a Google search of his name. This is without any attempt to bolster the Page Ranking (PR) of his profile with links (the gold mine of page rank) as he has done with his blogs.

So, imagine an old friend from high school is trying to find you over the internet to play catch up. He does a search for your name...say your Blogger profile comes up 12th and your blog comes up 35th (which are results comparable with Daniel's results). Now, you're already doing all you can to promote your blog, and it's probably doing okay for searches of different keywords. But, your Blogger profile is coming up so high because your name is the most important (and almost the only) content on the page. With a little profile promotion you could crack the top 10 and your old friend will find you lickety-split!

That's where the Profile Directory for Bloggers comes in. You submit your profile the directory (which is nothing more than leave a comment saying "Hey, list my profile in your directory.")

This site is brand new (only 6 days old) but already has 11 different profiles (including mine) and Daniel has some big plans for the future. So, head on over and submit your profile to the directory just like I've already done!


ugyen said…
Daniel Thompson was rite, the profile shows up higher than the blogs in the search engine, great that i am listed there in his directory as well.
R2K said…
Oh this is great I will sign up.
Daniel Thompson said…
Thanks for the great review and the kind words. I have bean flooded with traffic as a result.
Looks like a great blog!
Sanni said…
Great choice! I´ve signed up!
Airsoft Man said…
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thanks a bunch!
Skittles said…
Been there already & done that :)
Anonymous said…
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