Bestest Blog Carnival: Edition 1.4

The next edition of the "Bestest Blog Carnival" is up (a few hours early) at It's a Blog Eat Blog World. This time around the theme was "animals." So if you're an animal lover, head on over for the best animals blog posts the internet has to offer! Special thanks to Morgen for putting this all together, I can't wait to read!

If you participated in this carnival (or even if you didn't), please show Morgen some love, link him up, and send some of your readers his way to check out your submission! There's even a great looking banner you could use as the link! (Thanks to Janna on another great photoshop job!)

Once you finish reading through that carnival, it's time to find your submission for the next one! The theme will be "Your Favorite Meme" and hosted by the queen of memes Mimi. Deadline for entries is Sat Jan 20 at 11:59PM. Click here to submit your entry!


Starrlight said…
I have a post up on my site linking to it and I just sent Mimi my entry for the next one. I'll see you all tomorrow afternoon for the carnival!
good year
Haha - I immediately sent Mimi my entry for the next one too! Morgen has done a fabulous job as ringmaster!
Peg said…
Oh Bobby...I'm baaaaa-ack!

I'll have to take a peek at the new one that Mimi is 'hosting'. In the meantime, I sent you an email via Paypal, but I was hoping that perhaps I could be removed from your 'inactive' list? And back in the random blog rotation?

M.O.D.A. said…

nice blog
can u help me propagate mine?


thank u ;)
Lezicle said…
I tried to fill out your form on the how to get into rotation free thing but it kept saying that i filed the captcha(sp?) file wrong or something. anyway, i don't know what to do. but i have a permalink on my site.
Klu said…
Dear Mr. Bobby,

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear. Thank you for the nice comment you wrote on my Carnival post on my blog (Get A Klu). I like gettin' comments a lot. It makes me feel all squiggly on the inside.

My Big Mummy looks at your blog all the time, but I don't really understand it much. I think it's a blog for grownups.

Klu the Bear

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