Updates are done...PLUS, some noteworthy events

So, this week's updates are complete. Thanks to all the new blogs who linked up and everyone who made a donation. You can check it all out on the Recent Additions page. Here are some noteworthy events that took place, that I found interesting, maybe you will too:
(1) I had a record number of new blogs sign up this week...57! I think the previous high was 46...in any case it was definitely under 50. Could this be a sign of good things to come?

(2) I broke $2000 in donations. Well gee guys, I was gonna have another contest, because I didn't expect to get here so soon. Only 6 weeks to go from $1000 to $2000...where as it took 10 weeks to get that first milestone. Again...good sign of things to come?

(3) Well, I said from the beginning that the sidebar was for the top 100 donators. Up until now it didn't matter. But this week, we finally eclipsed 100 bloggers who have made a donation. Therefore, sorry to #101 and #102...Peanut, Peanut Butter...Jelly! and LAEvanesce: Muses and Opines respectively. Don't worry guys, all you lose is the sidebar. You're still on the Premium Blogs category page, still at the top of the list on your category page, still got extra hits in the Random Blog button. And if you ever decide you want back in the sidebar, you can just add to your current total...no need to start over.

(4) Lastly, a funny observation. The web is funny how it works, information slowly permeates different sectors of the web. As such, I thought it was cool that this week 3 separate blogs about Cricket linked to me (cricket the crazy British sport, not the bug). Previously, I had none linked up.

Well, that's that. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out today's Rerun before you click away!


Skittles said…
*applause* to you for all the hard work you do :)
Bee said…
I love seeing bloggers going places! Good job :) And since I was lucky enough to get to skittles site from here and she so graciously tagged me and left I am sharing my joy to you, so tagged with an ABC meme.
Tricia said…
congrats on your success! If anyone is wondering if your site works I can attest to it. You featured Tricia's Musings this past Thursday and I've had HUNDREDS of visitors as a result. So ... naturally I just added to your donation area to get listed as a premium blog.
Anonymous said…
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paulyt said…
Mine was one of the cricket blogs that linked to yours. I think it's to do with new blogs popping up to do with the this years Ashes series (cricket series played between Australia and England since 1882) It is probably the most anticipated series ever because England actually won last year after 14 or so years of Australian dominance.
Hey Bobby - I love being Front Page News! Thanks.

It's great you are seeing such big increases, in membership and donations - you're providing a good service here for us all - I'm glad it's working out so well for you.

Now, don't forget to organize that cruise for next year - I think it will be tons of fun for all the Bestest Bloggers (and me since I thought of it) to be together for a week of fun in the sun - ON A CRUISE SHIP - meeting in person, discussing blogging and learning new tips and techniques! Hey, you could have contests and prizes and......... oh, I want to help organize it!!!

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