Rockstartup [PPP]

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So, it looks like Pay Per Post has done it again. They are the kings (and queens) of great internet idea. They have a new web site all about the process of starting up a new internet company (like they just did). The site is called and it is basically a business reality tv. It chronicles the journey of Ted and Britt as they build their company from the bottom up. There are two episodes up already and they are interesting to watch. Starting a business is not easy, and you definitely get that impression from this video. When you couple that with the fact that Pay Per Post has so many good, innovative ideas and it is still difficult, it makes you realize why so many companies fall into the crapper after so short a time. They say episode three is coming soon and personally I am excited to see where this is going. I wonder if there is a breaking point after which you can tell for sure that a company is going to succeed. Sometimes it seems like out of nowhere a company will file for bankruptcy when you think they were doing ok. So, I think Pay Per Post will make it for sure, so I am going to watch these videos with an eye of when the panic of potential failure goes away and they settle into a rhythm of kicking some business ass!


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