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Have you guys checked out the PayPerPost blog? It's a great resource for news about the site. For example, that's where I found out that we were only going to be doing 2 posts per day for awhile... others seem baffled when they found out, but if they read the blog, they would've known. They also post information about upcoming updates (like how we can now reserve an opportunity for 30 minutes while we type it out). Also, you'll see them post a lot of silly stuff on there... like the rap smackdown challenges or the confessionals. It's a good mix of serious and fun... plus it's hosted here on BlogSpot, which I thought was funny for a big shot company like them. So, check out the blog for useful Pay Per Post info, and if you haven't joined up with them yet, check out the link in the left sidebar. You'll be glad you did.


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