Mac Poker Rooms [PPP]

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I am a guy who is very mathematically inclined (duh I'm a math teacher). Couple that with the fact that I love to play games of all sorts and you might come to the conclusion that I am a big poker player. Well, you'd be an extent. Do I know how to play poker? Of course I do, multiple varieties, 5 Card Draw, 7 Card Stud, the ever popular Texas Hold 'Em and the little known Omaha Hi/Lo. Have I played online for money before? Yeah, I have, but not much. A table with a $10 buy in and minimal bets. The problem is, when I play pretend poker, I make all the bets I know I should...but when I play for real money I shy away from bets that I could probably win if the stakes get even remotely high. Well, that's me, decide for poker yourself. If you're on a mac, check out this site with Mac poker rooms. You might also be interested in their tournament strategy guide...I know I am!


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