Boston Red Sox [PPP]

I love baseball!!! I absolutely love baseball. I don't like football or basketball or anything else...just baseball. This time of year is hard for me...the baseball season is long, but not long enough. Games go from April until October. I hold myself over with the hot stove right now. Listening to rumors of possible trades and potential free agent signings. One big signing that should happen soon is the Red Sox signing phenom Japanese pitcher D-Mat (I won't try to spell it, haha). Then, come Februrary, Spring Training starts! I better the Red Sox spring training this year will be insane, since they got the biggest star of the off season and this will be the first chance to check him out! Plus, spring training is in Florida, so I should get me a plane ticket, book a hotel room, and get me some Boston Red Sox Spring Training tickets.


Hey Bobby, why are your PPP ads so small I can NOT read them? I WANT to read them, soooo, do you know where my glasses are?

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