Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/14/2006

Fresh Videos: From Me to You
Another blog with a simple concept (its name says it all) that really delivers! I do a lot of blog surfing and in the process see a lot of YouTube videos. So, to claim that your videos are "fresh" is not gonna fly with a guy like me unless they really are.

But "Redneck" doesn't disappoint. I have not stumbled upon a single one of the videos I checked out on his site. And they're really good too! "Fresh" and funny, a great combination. The only thing I felt I had kinda seen is this video about an infrared fart, only because they had done a similar skit on SNL (the recent episode where Hugh Laurie hosted if you're interested).

Another set of videos I REALLY enjoyed was his Top 10 Video Game Spoofs, featuring games from Grand Theft Auto to Super Mario. If you're not into video games, how about checking out this awesome domino display or this video of a young girl with a pretty impressive talent.

Ya know what? There's lots more awesome videos like this over there. Just head on over to "Fresh Videos" and check it out for yourself already, I could go on and on describing, when you're better off just watching. Perhaps mention that "Bestest Blog" sent you if you can!


Mike Pain said…
I really enjoyed this blog.. you really shuld check mine out.. you will enjoy it
No mine is the best blog ever with Monk Coppola, Castro Stevis, Frankster of the Freaks. How could you get better Than Supertron Random? We tell the world what is real. Not this crap. Get your friends together and get them to look at it. Leave me some Love.
Supertron Random is THE BEST BLOG EVER this is just fancy looking feel good crap
Bond said…
Dear mr. Supertron... your over inflated ego called and said to get your a$$ back home
Bond said…
Dear mr. Supertron... your over inflated ego called and said to get your a$$ back home
Redneck said…
Mr. Griffin

I wanted to tell you thanks so much for featuring my video blog on your site. You have a great site going yourself.


Redneck said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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