Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/12/2006

...a review by Mimi Lenox from Mimi Writes

"Another day in Afghanistan is over" according to Oklahoma's Finest. He has a countdown widget in his sidebar that means more to this blogger than words can say. As I write this post SGT DUB has 340 days 8161 hours left - in Kabul. In fact "Can I come home yet?" might be the reply you hear from one him on any given day, stationed there for his second deployment. He's a police office back home in Oklahoma and a member of the National Guard, teller of corny jokes and all around good guy.

While he's not defending the free world you might find him sending an email to Mrs. Dub, talking to his Afghan friends or British counterpart, studying algebra, watching the locals walk down Jalalabad Road or dodging explosions in Kabul.

What makes him happy? Mail, mail and more mail (preferably with food inside) SGT has a witty sense of humor and always begins each post with a joke. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're not (sorry SGT!) He came to my attention one day when he sent an email about a fallen soldier and made a Peace Globe in his honor. I plan to feature this remarkable man and his comrades on Friday in my Karaoke Blog.

No matter your political opinion or take on the current state of affairs in our world - notwithstanding Sarge's personal opinion on this war - he is there and he is doing his best.
I respect SGT DUB and what he does everyday.
For you.
And me.

Please visit him. Send him your thoughts, prayers and a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
Tell him Mimi and Bestest Blog of All-Time sent ya!


mimi, great choice! bee
SGT DUB said…
Thank you Bobby and thank you Mimi. Deep inside each blogger, I think we would all like to be named Bestest Blog at some point, I just never really figured it would happened. I am touched and honored that both of you would think this. Party at my connex, if you find yourself in Afghanistan!
Desert Songbird said…
Just started reading this, but I have to ditto the kudos for this one. Wonderful to see the recognition for someone doing a job none of us wants to do.

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