Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/09/2006

Skittles' Place
Where, oh where, to begin... Anyone who is at all a regular visitor here has more than likely visited Barb's (aka Skittles) blog at one point or another. After only posting a total of 47 times in August and September combined (which for a normal blogger would be decently high), Barb went on to post 172 times in October. Not to be out done, she posted 224 times in November. For those of you who aren't math teachers like me, that's an average of 7.47 posts per day. And she's on pace to break her record in December, with a projected total of 256 posts! Barb is an incredible lady who has really found her niche with blogging.

But quantity isn't everything, am I right? Don't fret, Barb isn't all about quantity, but quality as well! She's a regular Thursday Thirteener...and a Friday Feaster...she posts lots of funny videos...and lots of cool pictures (literally cool in this particular instance)...she's known to post a bunch of fun quizzes...and she does the occasional meme.

But it's not all fun and games...Barb often gets very personal at times on her site. You might say her life reads like an open blog (*rimshot* haha!). If Barb is feeling upset, she writes a sad post...feeling pissed off, she writes an angry post. I have never seen a blog (and I've seen a lot of blogs) where you can really get a sense that you know the blogger as I have on Barb's blog.

One regular feature of Barb's blog that I really have to commend her on is her "Just a Quickie" posts. On these posts, Barb posts a question to her readers, like "Do you procrastinate?". Seems like a very simple idea (and it is), but Barb has built such a great community of readers on her blog, that the discussion that unfolds in the comments section is amazing!

Barb's blog has been very deserving of this award for a long time, probably since the second she linked up here. Not only does she have an incredible blog, but she has been amazingly generous to me, and a very faithful visitor and reader. Barb has mentioned on several occasions that she was really jonesing for this award. It was fun to make her wait, but I did have my reasons. First of all, I wanted to make sure I was able to give her blog the review it deserved...nice and long and detailed (I had off from school today for the Catholic holiday of the feast of the ascension). Also, I am just a little afraid that now that Barb has won the award she won't visit me anymore! This one is a little out of my hands, but Barb is a great lady, I don't think this will happen! At least I know she'll be stopping by to read her review today.

So, please, oh please, go and visit "Skittles' Place" and introduce yourself to Barb. You'll be glad you did!


Jessie said…
Awesome pick! I've wanted this one forever!!!
Kara said…
I agree! I love Barb's blog!!!
masgblog said…
Excellent choice! We concur.
Skittles said…
You sneaky devil you! I wondered what in the world you were researching. Thank you so very much!!!!
Nice write up Bobby.

"Her Blogness", as one of her readers called her, truly deserves this award.

I visit her several times a day and she never fails to have something of interest going on in her world and she's just so kind, generous and FUN.

How about that Chat Box she just installed? I love it!!!!

I'm proud to call Barb my friend and absolutely thrilled for her to receive "Bestest Blog of the Day"!
Meany•Quinn said…
Calabar Gal said…
True Talk!! Ever since I discovered Barb's Page through Masgblog's page, I havent looked back and her page is one of those I visit religiously everyday on my bloglist!! Even if I dont have the time to stop at other pages, I must certainly visit Barb's Page. She always has something to say and sees beautiful things and great blogging ideas out of incognito or other things I as a blogger wouldnt consider significant.

Congratulations Barb!!
alphawoman said…
I love her too!
Morgen said…
Thanks, Bobby, for bestowing this honor on Barb!
Skittles Place is must see blogging, in my opinion.
She is a brave woman, not afraid to embrace new technology & try new things, and she is full of humor and warmth that she shares generously with her blog readers.
Long may she Blog!
Crunchy Carpets said…
Yay...yep....she is a truly amazing blogger. Makes everyone feel at home and like we are all her friends.

Her blog is the place to go when you feel a little low or for some fun or are at loose ends...something there will grab you.

great one bobby! well deserved and hard earned!!!! bee
Roxi is tight said…
what the??
Mommy the Maid said…
I've been reading her blog for a while and I love it!

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