Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/08/2006

365 Days
...a review by Jessie from "Who Are We"

A year is really a long time if you think about it. It's 525,600 minutes, 8760 hours, 12 months, or 365 days. That's a lot of time. And if you are Meany Quinn the guy behind the bestest blog of the day then a year equals 365 days worth of pictures of him.

I picked this blog for the bestest award because it is unique. I do a lot of searching through blogs and this is the first blog that I have seen using this format. It's simple and I love that! He just posts a picture of himself each day. He does not write a post, he does not explain the picture, it is simply a picture of him.

It is fascinating how the same person can appear different in a matter of days. Think about how we transform ourselves in the course of a year. Different hair colors and hair cuts, getting new glasses or not wearing our glasses, adding a hat, growing a beard, shaving a beard. Life happens and we change in a moment. 365 days captures those changes each day. It's fascinating to watch Meany Quinn change as the days go by.

A few of my favorite pictures include Day 8. He has some hot glasses on that day! And you can't miss Day 17. His funky hat cracks me up.

So please go check out 365 days. You will find a blog that is unique, fun, simple, and one of the bestest I've seen. Make sure to tell my picture pal Meany Quinn that Jessie from Who Are We sent you via The Bestest Blog of All Time .


msquared said…
well I think you've will of made his day when he sees this
Goncalo Veiga said…
i agree with msquared... im sorry but i dont think this should be blog of the day.

i think there are some other blogs worthy of note like msquare's or besides this idea is not original. ive seen this other girls blog where she has taken and posted her photo for two years in a row.

i'm with sartre: to hell with the nobel!
Jessie said…
Sorry you don't think this should be blog of the day. I happened to and I get to pick. Next time Bobby is looking for guest bloggers maybe you should offer to help out and then you could pick.

I'd love to see the other girls blog too. Who knows I might pick her for the bestest too!

Hi Bobby, I need to know what you want for Christmas, so I can take a picture of it and put it on my blog.

This type of thing I do is called "life art" and if you let me know by leaving a comment on my blog, and then I go and find it and take a picture of it and put it on my blog, it's not only "life art," but it is also collaborative.

Whew, at any rate, I learned all this cool stuff at SF State creative arts department, a fun school, indeed.
Bobby Griffin said…
Well, I thought Jessie made a very good pick, one I had considered making myself (and probably would've made in the near future if it weren't for Jessie). By the way the 2 blogs you listed weren't eligible for today's awards. Ordinary Tomas already won the award back in August, and that other blog you gave me doesn't even exist. And even if it did exist, it doesn't have a link back to me, so it is ineligible.
Goncalo Veiga said…

Yeah, you're both right, Jessie and Bobby. I didn't know that "Tomas..." had been elected already. And didn't think of that you needed to be linked to be elected.

I'd love to give a little helping hand anytime, Bobby.

P.S. Me not liking something, doesn't mean other people don't like it. This blog is a nice blog, with an interesting concept. The fact that it has nothing written on any post is perhaps a way to state something. So, good luck and let's see how it goes! Congrats mate!
Meany•Quinn said…
Wow! Bestest Blog of the Day! I’m Honored! I’m really happy that you like it. This is not the first time this project has been done and it probably won’t be the last. Check out: NOAH K. and c71123 I wanted to do something similar but actually show the everyday process. I’m really having fun doing it. It has become a habit, Like brushing your teeth.

I started this blog for myself and was hesitant to put it out there until my my Best friend MSQUARED Talked me into posting it. Thanks MSQUARED!

Jessie Thank you for Choosing 365 Days as Bestest blog.

You should check out Who Are We you can really learn alot about yourself and other people there.
Meany•Quinn said…
Goncalo Veiga? You should get that checked out it sounds serious.
msquared said…
Goncalo Veiga? I never implied in my comment that 365days shouldn't be best blog all I said was that being Bestest Blog of the day will make his day.

And I don't think Meany Quinn has ever tried to say that this is his original idea. Since photography has started people have been doing similiar things, but just because some one has done it before doesn't mean that it can't be done again.
Goncalo Veiga said…
Meany Quinn,

Congratulation to you and your blog, really.

The thing is, I did come across a blog with a same concept as yours, meaning that it doesn't make yours better or worse. It's just different. I must have come across it by using the "Next blog" bottom in blogger, or something, which means that to find it, it'd take a very very lucky shot.

I think we're all making a storm inside a glass of water really. I'm aware that I had a less fortunate comment on the matter but somehow I was just expressing my opinion. I'm sorry if it sounded rude or spoiled the party, although it shouldn't. I guess that sometimes being quiet and not saying anything at all is better that expressing one's opinion. It's somehow making me feel like being on the wrong side of the Force, if you know what I mean.

Hope we can pass through this and, sincerely I'm wishing the best to you and your blog. Don't take it personally, lest it sounded like an offfence to you.

Keep posting! And good luck to your blog and project!
Meany•Quinn said…
No worries, It's all good! Thanks!
Liz said…
About a month ago I heard on the news about a guy who has taken a photo of himself every day for the last eight years. It's definitely a cool idea even if it is slightly narcissistic. He's definitely seen the aging process as well as the change in fashions/styles. It seems to me though that you have to be extremely self-confident to do this project. If wonder if people who weigh 300 pounds doing it or people with facial scars would choose to do this.
Meany•Quinn said…
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Meany•Quinn said…
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