Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/07/2006

Tricia's Musings
Today, I was surfing around in my Technorati stats and decided to sort all the blogs that link to me by authority. Basically this means sort all the blogs by how many different blogs link to THEM, starting with the most. Well, Tricia's blog here holds the distinction of being the ONLY blog (out of 1102 at the time of this message) who has more blogs linking to her (she's got 1219). Well, being intrigued by this surprising discovery, I decided that I must take a closer look at Tricia's blog.

And I can honestly say that I am glad I did. You don't get over 1200 blogs to link to you without doing something a lot of things right. Her site looks great! A wonderful layout, easy to navigate, nice color scheme...much more than I can say for my site, hahaha! I am not very artistically inclined...maybe Tricia can give me a few pointers.

Beyond, the look and feel, her content is very impressive as well. Tricia is definitely a multiple posts per day person...I couldn't even locate the last day she DIDN'T post. Her topics are kind of scattered, but some of the best blogs are like this. You never know what you might read and that makes it more fun. She's a Wordless Wednesday participant (this one's a crazy cat picture), a Thursday Thirteen participant (this one's about funny search terms that bring people to her site); she's also a nurse and a wife, topics which regularly (and rightfully so) find their way into her posts. She even has a post for her readers on how to increase search engine popularity, a topic very near and dear to me (which I often find myself writing about).

So, check out Tricia's (very popular, very successful, and frequently updated) Musings and let her know that "Bestest Blog" (and not one of the other 1218 blogs that link to her) sent ya!


Anonymous said…
Too much time on your hands!!
Raj said…
That's quite the counting.
Tricia said…
Thank you for the wonderful post! You really did your research didn't you? LOL Well, now I'm going to have to give you a little bloggy love right back. :)
Meany•Quinn said…
Congratulations! I'm looking forward to visiting your blog.
Sue said…
Yes, it is every man's and woman's dream to increase traffic to their site. Your ideas work. Thank you for the tips!
Googlr said…
That is fanstastic. Also discover How Bloggers Make Money Online at Blog Player
Mr. Fabulous said…
A wise choice! Trica rocks hard!
Blogger said…
hey i like your blog, its cool

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