Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/06/2006

I know I've seen many of my regular visitors over at Empress Bee's site, and I know she's visited many of yours as well. Well, Bee has been away from blogging for awhile, so I hope none of you have lost touch with her. BUT!...she had a good reason! As a wonderful 60th birthday present from Charlie. Click that link for a full list of places they were scheduled to go to.

Anyway, Bee just returned home from this 22 day extravanganza, so it is the perfect time for new and old visitors alike to head on over, welcome her back home and check out the amazing pictures she's taken and stories she has to tell. She has many impressions of Rome, where they fell in love with pizza, gelato, beautiful ancient architecture, while suffering through the pains of using pay toilets.

Next, they moved onto Tuscany, which Bee attests is the most beautiful place on Earth and they enjoyed what sounds and looks like one of the most delicious meals on Earth. Then, Bee had several pictures of a little town named Siena, where they couldn't resist photographing some beautiful images on their way to Piza (to see the leaning tower!).

I can tell that Bee is still just BEGINNING to recount this amazing vacation, so what better time to become a regular reader of hers?? So, head on over to "Muffin 53" to vicariously experience an amazing vacation (as well as lots of other great posts from Bee before she went on the vacation that I didn't have time or space to feature here, hehe!).


Skittles said…
Ohhh I LOVE her blog!!! Great choice :)
Is there a love letter here for you?
Anonymous said…
What kind of Bee can write?

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