Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/04/2006

Nate Is a Blog
...a review by Lizza, from I Am Woman, See Me Blog!

The Funny Blogs section here at Bestest Blog of All-Time is chock-full of great examples of comedic writing, not the least of which is Nate Smith's Nate is a Blog. I think that it takes quite a bit of talent and work to write a funny blog, and Nate seems to be doing a fine job on his! So if you ever find yourself in need of a good guffaw, head on over to his side of the blogworld and take a stroll through his head. Who knows, you just might like it enough to keep coming back!

Just what makes Nate's blog so amusing? He has a penchant for turning the mundane into something that can make a reader chuckle, or at the very least, smile. Take, for example, his own name. "Nate Smith" isn't exactly the most exotic-sounding name, not by a long shot. So how did he make it not only blogworthy, but interestingly and amusingly so? Why, by starting a series called Best Nate Smith Ever! World Rankings. Nate scours the Web for his name twins, does a bit of research to determine whether or not he's better than them, and rates them. So far he has discovered four other Nate Smiths, and he trails behind two of them--according to his own ranking.

Nate has also started a series that he calls Lesser of Two Evils. Which one is worse (or better, depends on your point of view): to kill the last living koala bear with a cheese grater, or to knowingly give birth to a child who will successfully grow up to commit genocide? You'll just have to read this post to find out which one he thought was the lesser evil, and why.

Many of us have pretended to be another person (or non-person)--at least in our minds. From what I've seen on his blog, Nate has pretended to be a pilgrim, a sea horse, a WiFi-less pirate and the President of the United States. (My apologies if these posts were indeed written by the entities they were ascribed to, haha!)

Another humorous aspect to Nate's blog is the way it shows his cheerful outlook (well, most times anyway) on some things that would depress so many of us, like losing a job. But this certainly didn't depress Nate, oh no. He was actually glad that he got laid off. And the experience didn't dent this guy's self-confidence any, as you will see in a letter of recommendation that he himself wrote. And if you want further evidence of his healthy self-esteem and sunny nature, you'll find it in a post that he wrote about his awesome job interview.

So add some cheer to your day by going to Nate Is a Blog, a place where panda bears can ride unicorns but unicorns cannot ride panda bears; where the "rad and awesome" author wears a fake mustache and is having just the teeniest, tiniest bit of an identity crisis. And don't forget to mention that Lizza and Bestest Blog of All-Time made you do it!


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