Bestest Blog of the Day: 12/01/2006

A Girl Worth Saving
...a review by Jessie from Who Are We

I’m 26 years old. I have a ton of student loan debt and it’s still accumulating, I have some credit card debt that I’m really focused on getting rid of, I have a 19 year old sister that I partially support and at this point in time I have two mortgages on two different homes (that’s a whole other story!). What all of that means is I’m a girl on a budget, a very tight budget!

And luckily I’ve found a girl in a similar position. That’s why I’ve chosen A Girl Worth Saving as Bestest Blog of the Day! Miss Kelly BeJelly describes herself as “Your average Jane with a husband, a dog, and an addiction to chocolate covered marshmallow candy”. But her new six letter word is BUDGET and she is getting it all figured out.

While she is learning to think money positive she helps the rest of us come up with some great ways to save money. She offers some fun and realistic tips on affordable Christmas gifts as well as reducing food costs.

Miss Kelly BeJelly tracks her progress and shares it with us. You can check in and see how she is doing in reducing her debt as well as how her savings are increasing. Even if you have your finances together and budget isn’t a six letter word that scares you this is a great blog to visit! Kelly has a wonderful way of writing and has some interesting views on money, saving, and life in general. Make sure you stop by and tell her that Jessie from Who Are We sent you via The Bestest Blog of All Time


Wilds said…
Your blog design is too busy, it makes my eyes hurt.
Serena said…
Whoa! Me three!

Its a scary place, this internet.
R2K said…
My advice is never spend money you dont have.
superstar said…
life just good
Queenie said…
The strangest thing. The newer computer got fixed and the old one put away.
And Blogger Beta's Next Blog button was not working. I culd get to only one page from mine. Hitting the back arrow was driving me crazy and I thought about you...but I knew your link was in the old one.
So I hit back again and the very next blog.........was you.
And all I can think is : WHAT THE FUCK?


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