Why I Love PayPerPost [PPP]

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Why I love thee PayPerPost, let me count the ways. Just kidding...this post will not be done in poetry form. Anyway, I love PayPerPost because I am able to easily make money in my spare time. When I was out of college, before I went looking for a real job, I decided that I would try to do online surveys to make some extra money. Hundreds of dollars a day they promised me. Well, that was BS and so I went into doing PayPerPost with a sense of skeptism. But I am a skeptic no more. To date I have been paid over $100, with $500 in payments still pending (you get paid after a month). They are the geniuses in the field of consumer generated advertising. Someday, when we have kids, I won't have free time to play around on the computer (or at least not as much)...but for now PayPerPost is a great way to make $10-50 a day in about an hour's work. Hell, I am getting paid $10 to tell you right now how much I like it (and I am allowed to be honest, if I hated it, I could say so...but I don't hate it, I love it!!) If you do sign-up, please consider using my email (BobbyGriffin@gmail.com) as your referrer. I get paid $5 if you sign up! Thanks!


Yankee Doodle said…
Visit my blog.
Osman said…
PPP rocks!
Julie said…
I just started getting paid to my Paypal account last night!!! $13.45. And today I'm getting over $20 deposited. It felt like that month would take forever, but here it is! And since i post at least one PPP per day, I'll be getting at least $5/day. Dude, Bobby, thanks for getting on my ass and getting me to sign up for this. You may just save my honeymoon!
Anonymous said…
Hey Mr. Griffin,
I've decided to sign up for the triple P, as I call it, and I plan to use your email as the referrer. Thanks.
Xagal said…
Now see I keep trying to submit my blog to pay per post and it get reject each time. This last time it said something about not being indexed for search engines. How did you get around that?
Geno Petro said…
Bobby, you were kind enough to respond to me earlier in the month and re-ping but Technorati just recently fixed an "indexing glitch" involving my site.
They ask (and I, too) that you republish the post. If you could do whatever it is you do to inform them I'd appreciate it.

Thanks much,

Geno Petro
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