Wallhogs [PPP]

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So you've taken a picture with your digital camera. It's a nice one too, not just a junky one that will sit on your hard drive. So, what should you do with it? Print it out as a 4x6 on your photo printer? Nah...it's nicer than that. Goto Walmart or CVS and have them print it as an 8x10? Nah...it's nicer than that even! Well, how about going to Wallhogs.com and having it be 7 feet tall by 4 feet wide. Yes, that's right...FEET, not inches. All, this for less than $100, not a bad deal. I know what all my family is getting for Christmas...giant 7 feet by 4 feet pictures of me! And I'm gonna guilt trip them into hanging it in in a prominent place. Yeah...that'll show 'em!


Mark E Seremet said…

We got *killed* on traffic and orders. It's a good problem but we took the site down to retune it for this volume.

I am deeply sorry for the delay - we will be on again tonight.

Please feel free to email me if you want to complain or yell or encourage me. mark.seremet [@] gmail.com

Mark E Seremet, ceo & co-founder

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