Thank you and good luck!

I just wanted to write this little note to acknowledge two people who have been a great help to me in this blog. Morgen and Julie have both blogged for me for the last 8 weeks. They are both leaving (at least temporarily) to focus on more important life events, and I wish them the best. Morgen will be focusing on his NaNoWriMo book and Julie is working hard to plan her dream wedding. Good luck and there's always a spot for you when you get unbusy again.

The good news is I have lined up some excellent, fresh replacements! Lizza and Jessie, both former "Bestest Blog of the Day" winners will be blogging for me. And don't think these guys are just fill-ins, they are EXCELLENT bloggers. And if Morgen and Julie want to come back, I'd be happy having all 5 of them (the 5th being the talented Mimi who IS sticking around!


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Roy Fox
For Your Success
Julie said…
You're welcome. Thanks for the opportunity Bobster!
Morgen said…
Bobby: I cannot say enough about how great it was to be a regular contributor here!

I think that Lizza & Jessie are AWESOME choices for new regular guest bloggers!

Thanks for everything ~ Morgen
Mimi Lenox said…
I second those sentiments. Great choices and wonderful bloggers. Look forward to their posts and hearing more about Julie's upcoming wedding and Morgen's writing adventures too!
Lizza said…
Thank you, Bobby. It's an honor to be writing with such awesome people. Julie and Mo have such endearing blogs, and of course Mimi's and Jessie's are marvelous too!

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