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The holidays are a good time for relaxing, and to me that often means reading a good book. I especially like books that are exciting...that leave me needing to turn each and every page to find out what next. This book (short description below) sounds exactly like one of those books...check out the description or the Book Website to learn more about it.

"A trail-blazing self-made tycoon in post-Soviet Russia, Alex Konanykhin was worth $300 million by age 25, having created and controlled the largest bank in Russia. The rise of Boris Yeltsin to the presidency of Russia was financed by Konanykhin. Yeltsin rewarded Konanykhin by giving him the state residence built for the Soviet president and a large detail of Presidential Guards. But when the KGB kidnapped Konanykhin and stole his fortune, Alex and his beautiful wife, Elena, made a harrowing escape to America in September 1992.

Then a new nightmare started, as Konanykhin fought the FBI, INS and Justice Department to hold onto his freedom – and his life. The Russian mafia took out a contract on him, and to this day, the U.S. government is trying to deport him back to Russia, where he would most likely be killed, according to government experts.

“DEFIANCE: Or How To Succeed in Business Despite Being Hounded By the FBI, the KGB, the INS, the Department of Justice, Interpol Hit Men” lives up to its name. Konanykhin describes in eye-popping detail the waning days of the Soviet Union, the wild west atmosphere of the early Yeltsin years and a sinister deal between Russia and the FBI which made Konanykhin the chip the FBI agreed to pay to the Russians to keep its Moscow station open."


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