This is a sponsored post from is another way to make money with your blog. It is similar to PayPerPost in the sense that you are paid to write posts about certain products or websites in posts on your blog. But it is different in about every other way. On PayPerPost you pick which products you blog about...on ReviewMe, the advertisers choose which blog you want to do. On PayPerPost (at least the beta version thus far), each blog is paid the same, regardless of readership or page hits...on ReviewMe, several factors (Alexa, Technorati, and RSS feed) are taken into account to compute a price for your blog. For example, if an advertiser wants me to write an article on my blog, it'll cost him $60 (of which I would get $30). Some super awesome blogs I've seen cost as much as $250 to get a post from...others are as low as $20. To be honest, as a blogger, I feel that PayPerPost is the better option...but, if I were an advertiser, I think I would prefer ReviewMe. ReviewMe is brand new, so check it out if it sounds interesting. I hope that the competition between the two results in both thriving and trying to entice us bloggers with extra perks and what opposed to the competition makes both kinda sucky. I guess time will tell...let the competition begin!


R2K said…
What are the regulations about posting? Do you have to post only when they approve it?

How long does the post have to stay on top?

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