Rerun Sunday: 11/05/2006

Dating Profile of the Day
UPDATE: Mimi is also running a fantastic event called Blogblast For Peace that you can read about on her other blog. The event is coming up VERY SOON (November 7th), so be sure to check it out today to see how you can help the peace effort!
This site has a simple idea with hilarious results. Search through actual personal ads and dating website profiles for ones that make you laugh. But don't worry, as Mimi promises, "NAMES AND LOCATIONS HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT THE TERMINALLY SINGLE."

This really is a funny site. Plus, I have a new-found respect for anyone who promises daily posts, because from first-hand experience I know how hard it can be some days. I like to categorize the humorous posts into (at least) 3 categories: (1) "Funny Typos", (2) "Why would they write that?!", and (3) "Just Flat-out Funny" (click for an example of each).

This site is new to my exchange, but I just had to feature it when I saw it. I hope Mimi keeps up the daily posts, because this stuff is hilarious. Go over and check it out at "Dating Profile of the Day" and let Mimi know that Bestest Blog sent ya!


Natalie said…
I read it at work and am always getting funny looks. Good blog!

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