Professional Bull Riding [PPP]

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ESPN 2 is quickly becoming known as the channel for the alternative sports...the secondary sports if you will. For example, my favorite sports to watch on ESPN 2 is bowling. Though it may seem boring to most, I enjoy watching it. In college, however, my roommate's favorite alternative sport was bull riding. He was from the south and was very much into rodeos and the traditional southern sports like that. One thing he would never miss was the Professional Bull Riders World Finals (PBR Finals) in Las Vegas, NV. To him, this was like the superbowl of sports events (Luckily, PBR Finals tickets are slightly easier to come by). I watched it along with him and must admit it was pretty amusing. Though, I could definitely see the greater appeal to ACTUALLY being there. That must be awesome! Just the energy of the crowd and the ferociousness of the beast...that stuff doesn't translate as well over the TV. The same doesn't hold true for running with the bulls. Of course, this isn't in Las Vegas, but in Spain. People run along side hoards of dangerous bulls. That's not for me...that's more of an on TV thing, no extra appeal in being fact LESS appeal. Yeah, I'll take bull riding over bull running any day, leave it to the professionals (which could in no way, shape, or form describe me, ha ha ha!)


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