Lasik [PPP]

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Hey guys, getting back into the swing of things...thought I'd recommend a site for you while I'm at it. This site is for anyone considering Lasik eye surgery. is great site to read articles about having lasik surgery, pros and cons, what to expect afterwards, those kinds of things. You can also ask a Lasik Expert any questions you might have, which beats a special trip into see your regular doctor. There is a nice big section of FAQ's, so before you type up your question for the expert, be sure to check out those first. This seems like it would be a pretty good site to check out BEFORE having surgery. Though I am only 23, I definitely feel like my eyesight has already deteriorated since my teenage days and it is only a matter of time before I need glasses. I have heard great things about Lasik, but any kind of surgery scares me...I'll have to read some more about it to inform myself before making the choice. Enjoy!


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