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So, this is probably the coolest PayPerPost opportunity ever. $15 plus the chance to win a new digital camera and photo printer. The directions say, and I quote, "the crazier the better!"

Judging by the context of the word crazy, I am assuming Ted (the PPP God for those not in the know) would mean either the 3rd or 6th definition (definition provided by Dictionary.com), that being "intensely enthusiastic; passionately excited" or "unusual; bizarre; singular."

Since there are sure to be lots of these zany, kooky, silly (synonyms courtesy of my brain...I bet you thought I was going to say Thesaurus.com) type of submissions, I thought I'd be creative and go for the first definition of crazy: "mentally deranged; demented; insane."

Demented is the exact word I would use to describe the (wo)man who ruined my vacation. Imagine this...a man and his wife plan a trip to Europe. Though not technically their honeymoon, they could not afford a real honeymoon right after their wedding, so they saved up for a year. They had never been to Europe, and would probably never be there again (at least not dragging around a bunch of little kids). To commemorate this wonderful vacation, the man bought his wife a flashy new HP digital camera for Christmas, and the wife bought her husband a sleek and sophisticated Sony digital camcorder for his birthday. They spent 10 days touring London, Paris, and Rome, taking over 500 pictures and 3 hours of video along the way.

They wake up the morning they are to return home. The wife hops into the shower, while the man turns on the TV, though he expects to find only Italian television much as he has found in days past. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, CNN is on! In English! Anderson Cooper is talking all about the terrorist threats on flights from London to the United States. His heart drops... That day, they are scheduled to fly from Rome to New York.......VIA LONDON! Still in shock, they arrive at the Rome airport to find there are a new set of very strict rules for airline baggage. Basically you can bring NOTHING onto the plane...so, the man and his wife were forced to check all 6 of their bags...one of which contains their newly bought digital camera and camcorder, a bag they surely would have carried on and held on tightly to during normal circumstances.

The man does the best he can to calm his wife on their flight from London to New York. He comes up with reasons why their plane would not be an ideal terrorist target to try and persuade her to relax...though on the inside he has trouble believing the reasons himself. Thankfully, after a lot of breath holding and tight hand squeezing, the 7 hour plane ride ends, safely terminating in the JFK airport.

The man and his wife are so happy to be alive, back in the good old US of A. They proceed to the baggage claim, where they are informed that they are doing an extra inspection of the luggage and it would take a bit longer than usual for their bags to come back. Finally, the bags started coming out. Out came their suitcase, one filled with dirty laundry...then another that could be described exactly the same. Then came a small bag full of toiletries and make-up. Then another filled with souvenirs for their families from Europe. Another came that had books and magazines that were meant to be read on the plane. Then nothing. For a long time nothing. Until finally an airport attendant informed the man and woman that their final bag had been "misplaced." If you're paying attention, you've already realized that this is the bag with the new digital camera and camcorder. 6 bags and the only one that had been "misplaced" was the one with the valuable electronics in it.

About a week of frustration and angry phone calls goes by, and the wife gets a call. Their bag had been found and was being delivered that afternoon. What great news! They waited patiently, excited to browse through the pictures and videos they had taken. The bag arrived and they quickly opened it. They undid the latch...undid the zipper...took out the camera bag that contained both items...undid the camera bag zipper...undid the camera bag velcro...and discovered that the bag was empty. Some deranged person had taken an opportunity where people were vulnerable and scared, and stole something that not only had an immense monetary value, but a great emotional value as well.

The man and his wife were devastated. The chances of them ever seeing those pictures were next to nothing now. They phoned the airlines and began the reimbursement process...though the cash value of the items was not what was most important to them. Waiting patiently to hear back about the reimbursement, the wife finds several articles in newspapers such as the "New York Times" citing some obscure federal airline regulation called the Montreal Convention that basically states that airlines cannot be held responsible for high priced items such as electronics or jewelry and that their airline would be bound by this law.

Well, let me tell you...that man was me (for some reason, it seemed more effective to tell it in the 3rd person). And that wife, was star of film and screen Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker (just kidding it was my wife). To this day, we have yet to be refunded for our loss! Now...isn't that CRAZY? If I don't deserve to win a new (and might I add better) HP digital camera to replace our loss (and heartache), I don't know who does! (This post was brought to you by HP.)


Shan said…
Good post, I hope HP helps you out.
Morgen said…
Okay, I'd vote for this crazy post!
Give this crazy man the camera, dammit!

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