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One great resource for PayPerPost is their forum. PayPerPost is still a fledgling company, so it is very helpful to have a place where new users can help each other learn the ropes. You see a lot of "why was my post rejected," "what is page rank," and the ever popular "how long does it take for my blog to be approved?" Everyone there is very friendly and there is quite a postie community blossoming up. There is even talk in the forum of organizing a convention for everyone to meet. Not that I personally would go, but I still think it's pretty cool that it is even going to occur. Remember, if you still haven't signed up (and why not, I ask?), remember to use my email,, as your referrer when you do sign'll make me $5!


Shan said…
This meets the word minimum??
mnetworker said…
if you agree, i'll add ur link to my blog, and u add mine in yours, I'm waiting for ur answer

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