Calling Cards [PPP]

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Want 4 hours of prepaid calling card service? All you have to do is sign up with Pingo. Calling cards are very useful. When we were on vacation in Europe...this was our only way to reach the United States...BECAUSE OUR CELL PHONE DIDN'T HAVE GLOBAL SERVICE! We assumed it would (not sure why), but we are so glad we had a calling card with us as well. Especially since we were aboard the targeted planes to be bombed from the UK. It was great to be able to call our family from London and reassure them that the security was very tight and everything would be alright. If you ever find yourself in a similar London-based situation, you can check out Pingo's United Kingdom calling card rates. In the age of cell phones, it might seem that calling cards are as important...and while I'll concede to them not being as widely used, they are still VERY important in certain situations and Pingo seems like a great company (with great rates) to get your cards from.


lanin said…
I will add this link to our Resource centre website - you've done a great job.

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