Bestest Blog of the Day: 11/30/2006

Alchemy Anyone?
...a review by Serena from "Life Is Falling to Pieces: An Illustrated Journal" (Editor's note: I was so happy when Serena sent me this review, I have wanted this blog to win for a long time, but I couldn't find the time to give it a detailed review like it deserves. I think Serena has done Mr. Slaghammer justice and I think you'll agree...Enjoy!)

In his profile, Slaghammer claims to be a carbon-based life form. I might almost believe him if it weren’t for my strong suspicions that he might composed of something else. You wanna know what else is something else? His blog!

Alchemy Anyone? is a highly entertaining blog that is seriously worth your time. His posts vary from comical photo commentary to elaborate stories from his youth. Check out his reflections on religion, the purity of women, and food. A particularly funny (and informative) one is his take on the dreaded prostate exam! Not to be missed. (Insert evil laughter.)

Slaghammer is also a talented artist; you can check out some of his awesome works here, here, and here. Honestly, I was quite surprised when I realized that Alchemy Anyone? had yet to be named Bestest Blog of the Day. It’s a long overdue honor.

So check out Alchemy Anyone? and let him know that the Bestest Blog sent ya!


brent said…
I enjoyed that. Thanks Brent :)
Save Sheila said…
I fixed the link to your blog! Sorry. I had switched to Blogrolling and somehow it got left out. Have a great weekend!
dark1988 said…
WOAH! What a cool layout....
Dr. Blogstein said…
Slagger is one of my favorites--The man deserves a special bestest award for being one of the bestest of all of the restest of us bestest.
Goncalo Veiga said…
Congrats to "Alchemy Anyone?"! I absolutely love the blog!
Anonymous said…
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defrank said…
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