Bestest Blog of the Day: 11/27/2006

Mescaline Visions 4.0 (Beta)
...a review by Lizza from I Am Woman, See Me Blog!

Some philosophers are not only funny, they're cool too. If you don't believe me, go read the Nubian Nerd's blog, where he proclaims that "professional philosophers fight global warming just by being cool!" He lives, works, and studies in Scotland, where he's also a celebrity of sorts.

So what kinds of thoughts whirl about in this philosopher's mind? Irreverent thoughts, that's what. For instance: his reasons for joining the ranks of the immoral minority and the profile he created for the most famous carpenter in history. But the Nubian Nerd has a sweet side to him, too: he's blogged about the what and who of love and some aspects of his relationship with the lovely Diane. Is this the reason that she loves him so? (And not just because he's extremely intelligent, hilariously funny, and unfairly blessed with some big stuff? Or so he says.)

I could go on and on, but I won't. You'll have to discover the highly entertaining and thought-provoking oddities of the man behind Mescaline Visions 4.0 (Beta) for yourself. Explore the archives, they're well worth it. And don't forget to mention that Bestest Blog sent you!


Nubian Nerd said…
Bobby, I just got your email saying that my blog is being honoured as the "Bestest Blog of the Day" on your site. This is truly a pleasant surprise!! And thank you Lizza for the wonderful review...I know its hard to tell, given my particular pigmentation, but I'm actually blushing right now. Thanks guys!!
Lizza said…
Haha! Thanks for the laughs. See you again next year. Don't be a stranger, even though technically you are.

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