Bestest Blog of the Day: 11/21/2006

New Mom on the Blog
...a review by Mimi Lenox of Mimi Writes

I know what you're thinking. Not another boring blog full of scrapbook pictures of babies and cutesy stories. Right? I'll admit, there are a lot of family photos and everyday occurrences in New Mom's blog but honestly folks, who could resist a mom who writes this?

"I was up at 6am this morning and managed to bake a fresh batch of chocolate chip muffins for the kids before they left for school."
Move over June Cleaver? Not exactly.

Let's hit the highlights, shall we? And if I'm lucky, maybe she'll send me some chocolate chip muffins. Residing in South Africa with her hubby and two boys, she works a full-time stressful job, kicks serious karate with her son (10/9 post) and describes a traumatic family event that has caused her to count her blessings over and over. Read about it in her 10/3 /06 article. Between nanny disasters and spur-of-the-moment family outings, this family of four (and a dog named Dingaan) will keep you entertained.

If you're up to your eyeballs in birthday parties, car pooling, sick kids, PTA and all that goes with parenting little ones these days, take a look at SuperMom's cascade of events. I was exhausted just reading her blog! How does she have energy to turn on the oven? There are zillions of blogs like hers that chronicle family life, but few do with as much dedication or flat out gusto. Although I found myself thinking "Now, do I really need to know that?" I just as quickly remembered the all consuming job she has and really applaud her efforts to keep it all together and find time to write. Family dedication is something to be upheld these days. New Mom on the Blog does it well.

Not only is her blog beautifully designed with a journaly feel, I think she deserves the Mom of the Year award too. Click on over and give her your congratulations from Bestest Blog of All-Time and yours truly.
Now, Mimi would like some muffins, please.


NMOTB said…
Hello There!!! WOW, I am so stunned and so was not expecting this award!!!! Thanks a Million - The muffins are on thier way!!!!! hehehehehehehe! Happy Tuesday to all of you!!!!!
Oberon said… must spread the news of the art of peace to be the bestest blog......but it is one helluva blog you got here.

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