Bestest Blog of the Day: 11/20/2006

Theory of Thought Lizza from I Am Woman, See Me Blog!

The Thinker (also known as Julia to family and friends), is the author of Theory of Thought. According to her, she simply writes about what's going on through her mind: her theories, ideas, insecurities, and perspectives. Many of us do the same thing, but few articulate their thoughts as well as she does--and she's only 16 years old!

She writes about issues that many teenagers experience, but in a very insightful and thoughtful way. (Hey, she doesn't call herself The Thinker for nothing!) You won't find the usual girly-girly things at Theory of Thought. Instead, expect to read posts about things like what would be apt to make The Thinker stab an English teacher with her pen; about faking health in order to actually avoid missing going to school; about what she thinks of Apple's iPod Nano collection; and so much more.

To say that The Thinker loves to blog is true, but it's so much more than just that. For her, blogging is therapeutic, something that helps her deal with some of the problems that she goes through. Don't get the idea, though, that Theory of Thought is all about teenage angst--because it isn't. She has lots of fun with fellow bloggers there as well: her So You Think You Can Blog competition is a great example of how she interacts with other people in the weblog world.

Do yourself a favor and read Theory of Thought. See for yourself why Lizza from I Am Woman, See Me Blog! believes that The Thinker highly deserves to be today's star at The Bestest Blog of All-Time.


You couldn't have made a better choice.
Ashley said…
Great blog, keep up the good work
R2K said…
You need new jeans.
thethinker said…
Thank you Lizza, and thank you Bobby Griffin. I'm honored.
Starrlight said…
This was truly and EXCELLENT choice. She gives me hope for future generations.
thethinker said…
R2k, you're right.
Lizza said…
I love your blog and I love your jeans. I think both have kickass character. :-)
Marjorie Wise said…
Starrlight said it for me. Congratulations to thethinker.

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