Bestest Blog of the Day: 11/13/2006

The Dragon: 050376
Lizza hopes that nobody ever thinks of slaying the Dragon that is Kiyotoe. At least, not yet.

“A man of many complex and silly thoughts, just trying to sort 'em all out.” That’s how Kiyotoe, also known as The Dragon, describes himself. And the thoughts he expresses on his blog are by no means silly. Well, maybe sometimes. But at other times you’ll find (in his own words) “articulate discussion on all sorts of topics from the infamous G-Dubya, to how many games will it take the Detroit Pistons to beat the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals.”

The range of topics is surely diverse. Kiyotoe discusses his experiences and thoughts about aspects of racism in the United States (like the use of the N Word). Then there’s his heartwarming letter to his unborn children, which ends with the poignant line “I promise to make promises I can keep, and to keep the promises I make.”

His introspective posts make me want to engage in some self-exploration of my own. Consider his entry about how our fears evolve with us as we grow; the funny ways in which memory can make him wax nostalgic about long-gone years at the ripe old age of thirty-something; his confession of committing the Seven Deadly Sins on a daily basis. Sometimes this guy’s posts stir up quite a controversy (notably Love 2 Times and Advice Column: Curfew) but he seems to be taking it all in stride. Or perhaps we can thank his better half, The Counselor, for that!

If getting a regular dose of well-written, well-thought-out, and humorous blog posts is to your liking, saunter on over to The Dragon: 050376 and tell him that Lizza and Bestest Blog sent you. I hope you find his commentaries to be as thought-provoking as I do.


Skittles said…
Excellent choice!!!!
Anonymous said…
Lizza, because of your Saturday blog spot, I learned about Kiyotoe's blog. He's articulate, sensitive, interesting. I enjoy his blog immensely. Thanks for taking the time and care to make others aware of it.
Lizza said…
Kiyotoe's blog is such a good place to visit. :-)

Thank you, barb and gem, for taking the time to comment. You guys are awesome.
Kiyotoe said…
Yes Lizza, thank you for caring that much, really. As I read, I almost forgot you were talking about me. I appreciate that you and barb and gem and others, enjoy some of the craziness that I come up with, not to mention a lot of the helpful insight you share.

Thanks again.
Anonymous said…
And you wonder why you're "Beyond"?

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