Bestest Blog of the Day: 11/04/2006

Save Sheila
Everyone has money trouble from time to time. Well, I challenge anyone who is reading this blog to come forward if they have more money problems than Sheila. We're talking about over 56 thousand dollars in credit card debt ($56,593.40 to be exact). To read the story of how fancy shoes and designer bags (among other things) got her into this trouble, click here.

Sheila has gone on all to sell all those materialistic items and is slowly but surely decreasing her debt. To date, she is at $50,015.92, almost about to dip below the 50K mark. Maybe she'd be a little closer if she could lay off the brownies. Sheila is searching for support and motivation in the Blogosphre, just like Julie is in her weight loss journey...this combines to form a very enjoyable blog to read.

I have a theory that people blog best when they are happy. I know when I'm upset from a long day at work, I have trouble getting on and blogging. Well, if my theory is true, then Sheila is about to start doing some of the best blogging of her life. She just found out she got the job she was applying for! Sheila is very excited and I am very excited for her, Congratulations! (Also, she is winning this blog of the day award, which tends to make people happy, but she's probably happier about the other thing)

So go on over to Save Sheila and give her some encouragement! Let her know that "Bestest Blog" sent ya!


Anonymous said…
I am a bit surpised that I am not yet in your Blog of the Week - especially as I have mentioned yoyu in my blog. Could you explain??
Save Sheila said…
Thank you!!!
God's Servant said…
what about mine?:(
God's Servant said…
what about mine?:(
i invite you to visit :

have added your link in my blog. would like to link under your personal blog site, thanks
Anonymous said…
R2K said…
This is a very common american problem. The average american has about 2,000 bucks credit card debt. It is painful to me when most people simply dont understand how to handle their money. I see so many people, women more often, just throwing it away on crap. And getting into debt with Amex. I grew up understanding that being in debt at all is a mistake. I would rather not have something I want, than owe money. Just one month over due and you are losing money, often 30 bucks or more a month. In her case, it is probably 500 a month. Sick.
Paul Sveda said…
I was going to come in here as say something scathing about Sheila's predicament being of her own doing. However, no, you didn't ask us to donate to her cause and only wanted to boost her spirits. It also appears that Sheila is trying her best to get her ducks in a row so I wish her the best and good on ya for highlighting her and making her day.


Me thinks Sheila's gotta save herself. Since when does going into ridiculous debt become a cause? C'mon Bobby, this one was not thought through...

Vibration13 said…
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