Bestest Blog of the Day: 11/03/2006

Iowa Guy's Blog Julie from "Flip This Body"

With next Tuesday's elections coming up, I thought it was especially appropriate to name Iowa Guy's Blog the Bestest Blog of the Day.

I lived in Iowa for 4 years (yes, by choice; for college) and I was really surprised to learn that there is a hefty movement of liberal, sound-minded individuals who really want to make a difference in the world, and Iowa Guy is one of them! I don't know, maybe I saw The Music Man one too many times growing up. People from Iowa can actually be quite smart!

I love his profile description. Iowa Guy calls himself a "...middle-aged, liberal gay man stuck in the vast conservative wasteland of southwestern Iowa. I'm literate, extremely opinionated and have a decidedly skewed sense of humor. I'm sick to death of the neo-con mind-set the country has been in the last few years. It's high time we get back to real American values. I'm friendly and open to most people, but abhor phonies and bullshit. If you met me in person, you'd probably like me. Why are you still reading this? I'm done now. Go read my blog!"

His essays are very well written, full of well-supported opinions and he actually has something of value to say, unlike a lot of political bloggers out there. If you're a hard-core Republican, check him out anyway. He enjoys a good debate and is open to hearing anyone's comments. And he doesn't just blog about national politics, but also state and community politics. He recently blogged about Nevada's opportunity to allow up to an ounce of marijuana in the homes of adults over 21, as well as Omaha's decision to crack down on people who hang things from their rearview mirrors.

So check out Iowa Guy's Blog, and tell him Julie from Flip This Body sent you, via the Bestest Blog that Ever Will Be.


Dirk_Star said…
Nice blog, although I do believe my political ravings to be a bit more pointed...
Colin Campbell said…
Nice idea. Greetings from the Antipodes. I have linked to your blog.
Renegade said…
This is the bestest blog!

But check out Renegade's BS anyway

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