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Do you like impressions? I'm not talking about doing your best "Heeeeere's Johnny!" Jack Nicholson impersonation...I'm talking about doing impressions of fish and dogs and police sirens and that kind of stuff. Also, being able to speak like you are from different know accents! Gosh, I can't form coherent sentences today. Anyway, I found this guy on the PayPerPost blog who can do all of these really well! This guy got paid to make a funny video for PayPerPost (and you can to!). I wish my video camera wasn't stolen on my flight home this summer or else I could to! (Side note: we have still not been reimbursed for that...who knows if we ever will...$500 down the drain :-( ) Anyway, this guy gave me a good chuckle, so check out what Antonio can do below.


hi There,

I liked your funda of Win/Win.

Have added your link to my blog

Lets have a Win - Win deal and enjoy


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