Suggestions? Ideas?

It's been about a month since the new version of the Random Blog Button came out. I was just curious if anyone had anything they'd like to share about it. One person has already told me it'd be a good idea if I could make it so the same blog didn't come up twice in one viewing session (I'm looking at you Dr. Anonymous). This is a great suggestion, and I'll do my best to implement it (though if anyone has any tips on how I might do this, I'm all ears). You guys are who I do this for, so you definitely need to be heard!


Dr. A said…
Did I say that, or was that said about me? Hmmmm.... I can't help it I have the bestest premium blog - HA! I do appreciate the increased traffic, though.
red-dirt-girl said…
I've been thrilled with it - get a lot of hits from the button......don't change a thing.....please!!!

Mushy said…
The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't cover up the Blogger header. You lose some webpage area with them both there...can you not cover the other header?
Mike S said…
I may be doing something wrong or don't understand the random blog button. Every time I click it at the Bestest Blog home page, it takes me to a blog listed on Bestest. If I then hit random blog or either of the next blog buttons, I'm sent off to regular old "next blog" browsing?? I thought hitting random blog would continue to let me browse blogs linked to Bestest Blog, not kick me out to where I get advertising blogs or foreign language blogs, none of which have Bestest Blog as a link. Do I have to hit the back button on my browser to restart from the Bestest Blog home page every time I want to go to another random blog linked to Bestest???

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