Freshman year in college, my roommate was a southern boy from a little town just outside Houston. We were nothing alike, but got along really well. It's amazing how good of a job the college did with randomly putting us together... I taught him what it was like growing up in Pennsylvania...snow storms, coal mine tours, railroad museums...he taught me what it was like for him...100 degree summer droughts, ranching, and rodeos. I intend to visit him someday soon down there...he told me he'll take me to a rodeo! Yeehaw! He used to always talk about rodeoHOUSTON, the biggest rodeo in the area and I'd love to attend to better understand my roommate's childhood. Maybe I'll make it when the rodeo comes through this upcoming year, I just found out where I can get my Houston Rodeo concert tickets so I'll be all set! Yeehaw again!


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