Rerun Saturday (?!?): 10/14/2006

I was on a bus with 50 screaming freshman as we took a 15 hour day trip to Washington, DC. Needless to say, I am exhausted, so I thought I'd do an extra rerun this week! Hope you enjoy it...
Digital Traveler
I thought I'd feature a "Travel Blog" today since I just got through travelling. And this was a perfect choice. My wife and I took a ton of amazing digital pictures on our trip, but they made us check the bag with the camera in it (normally I would have carried it on) due to heightened security and conveniently they "lost it." They didn't lose the suitcase filled with dirty laundry, oh no no no. Furthermore, Matt has written a "For Dummies" book on Digital Photography. This is coincidental because my wife and I used "For Dummies" travel guides to make our trip go smoothly. It's like this choice was fate.

Fate aside, Matt is definitely an expert in digital photography and there are a lot of amazing pictures on his blog, taken as he travelled around the world. If you'd like to read two chapters for free of his book, you can click here. He even teaches an online class in photography if anyone is interested.

Go and check out some digital photos by a professional (not like anything I could take, haha) and visit my first winner for the month of August, Matt's Digital Traveler and tell him that "Bestest Blog" sent ya!


Thanks, Bobby for puttin' me on Rerun Saturday.

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