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So far, the usage of the Random Blog button has been phenomenal. Everyone has really taken to the new style and has been surfing till their heart's content. However, not that many people have linked to it, which I wish they would so that its search rank might improve. I'd imagine there's a fair share of people out there googling the term "random blog," and it'd benefit us all if I was the first site on that list.

So, for the next week, and the next week only, I'm offering a little incentive to link to that blog. If you add the link (whose code is below), I will add your blog's name 1 extra time into the random rotation. This link is to be in addition to the one here, and not replace it.

So, if you're interested, just copy and paste the code below into your template, and leave a comment here with your URL to let me know when it's up. Thanks!

Random Blog Button


Devion Ayers said…
I am a believer and lucky to be the first to walk with you on this idea. I have placed a link on my site for your random blog button. My url: http://www.devionayers.blogspot.com As soon as PayPal lifts my limited access, you can count me in as a premier blog as well.
Thanks in advance.
Dr. A said…
I know I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The random blog button has definitely brought more traffic my way. So, I would encourage everyone to consider adding the link. You won't regret it.
alphawoman said…
'tis done.
alphawoman said…
'Tis done.
I have your random blog button on my blog in the "blogs I read" section
Save Sheila said…
I put the random blog button on my blog at http://savesheila.blogspot.com

holymotherofgod said…
Holy Shamoley, what a BLOG, Batman !
This IS the Bestest Blog Of All Time !
jana said…

Mimi Lenox said…
The link is up on my three blogs (and counting).
http://profileoftheday.blogspot.com (Dating Profile of the Day) and
Mimi Lenox said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ian said…
Hello, Bobby,

I've added the Random Blog Button to my EDog's Everything Page blog.

terra shield said…
I just added the randomblog button at the sidebar... it's pretty cool :)

thanks for sharing.

Jessie said…
I've added the button to my blogs hunna.blogspot.com and hunna2.blogspot.com.

Julie said…
I already had it up there! Add me! ;-)
Meloncutter said…
Hay Bobby. The random blog button is up and running. I may move it around some later but it's near the top for now.

Later yall...
Hammer said…
I placed the random blog button.

kavita said…
this link is up on my blog:
oso said…
I tried it, but I only have a link; how do I get the header?
Portnoy said…
well i screen shot your title and added the link.

and it's right next to Portnoy's Amazon Store.

i need to resize it - or get me in image, Bobby....

but there it is. I gotta go to work....
Hi Bobby!

Could you place my link www.medzoom.blogspot.com into your links section.

I have already did it with yours.

Archit said…
Links is up at http://topjokes.blogspot.com under the Webmaster Tools!
Woozie said…
Hey there, I added the random blog button under the Non-Communist Weblogs at The Tome of Communuism
Dr. Blogstein said…
Count me in! I added it and have also added hits directed to me by the random button. Thank you!
Morgen said…
Hi Bobby,
I've added the Random Blog link to 4 sites today:
O Mighty Isis

Purrchance To Dream

It's A Blog Eat Blog World

Writers, Ink
Anonymous said…
Have added the random blog button, here is my url http://a-welcome-twist.blogspot.com/ thank you so much and I beleaive it'll rock :D
skiller_family said…
I have just done this - love the concept
my url is
Nicole said…

Was trying to make it bigger and bolder but I stuffed it up lol so its little still :(


-- nic
-Princess Shin- said…
Ok.. LInked! =)


A chuisle said…
I have added the link! sorry I didn't do it sooner...I must've missed the post where you asked.

anyway, there ya go! thanks bobby!


msquared said…
Hey Bobby,

I've added the link to both of my blogs

Yaxlich said…
Yaxlich has added a button to his page too.
nadeem said…
Have linked it. http://www.mp3sdomain.blogspot.com
Anonymous said…
I have placed your random blog link on my site as well...My url: http://red-dirt-girl.blogspot.com....I get alot of traffic from your random blog button - it's cool!

Mary said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mary said…
You're up on mine now.
Portnoy said…
well i've been messing with my template so much i lost the random blog button. NOW there's a button. only it's secret. Kinda. It's BIG. It's Da Bomb.

can anyone find it on my site?

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