PPP and referrals

So, I've been pimping the PayPerPost site a lot lately. Why? Because it's awesome! This is revolutionizing the blogging world. You can make cents, not dollars for writing short reviews for products...clicks and impressions don't matter, it's one flat rate. Plus, if you refer anyone else to the site, you make money too! So, consider signing up, use me as your referrer (enter BobbyGriffin@gmail.com as the referrer email on the signup sheet) and start making money referring your blog readers. I've made $25 so far referring people, and could make another $5 if you (yes you!) successfully sign up. It's free and easy, no credit cards, no signup fees. What are you waiting for? If you've already tried it out, I'd like to hear about your experiences...if you're hesistant or have any questions, post them in the comments and I'll try and clarify what I can. Let's get a little Saturday discussion goin on here, whaddya say?


R2K said…
Maybe you can offer blog status credits for signing up? Like 5 premium bucks credit if we sign up?

Some people, previously unwilling to donate 5 bucks might be willing to do this.
achengy said…
I signed up on PayPerPost last month actually and I forget how I found about it but thanks for commenting anyway. From doing it for a month now it's worth it to do, it's free $$$.

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