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I've had a lot of wonderful donators contribute to my premium blogs idea. Despite your generosity, this is nothing to the 3 million in financing that PayPerPost received from Inflexion Partners. Maybe those guys will check out my site next! I'd don't need 3 million, 1 million would suffice. I'd even take 100 grand, I'm not picky! If you're new to my site, or haven't stopped by very recently. PayPerPost is a new site that offers blog advertising. Find a product that interests you...write a review...add a link...get paid! It doesn't matter how many impression or clicks you receive, you get paid the same no matter what. And we're talking dollars, not pennies. The lowest amount is $2.50, and depending on the length, it is common to see opportunities as high as $15.00. So, check it out. And if you do sign up, please use my email BobbyGriffin@gmail.com as your referrer. With 3 million dollars in funding, I'm sure they have lots of great improvements on the way, but it's already great!


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