PayPerPost got me paid

I am on the brink of receiving my first PayPerPost payment. Well, that's not entirely true, I've already received $40 in referral fees...but I am about to receive my first money for actually making a post. One of the site rules is that you must leave up posts for 30 days. So, once those 30 days are over, you get your payment, and you're free to delete that post (if you feel like it). So, 29 days later, I've done 45 posts and $324.55 in payment will start to creep into my PayPal account day by day. Not bad, not bad at all. If you're interested in signing up with PayPerPost, please use my email,, as your referrer! I found out about this site was one of the blogs in my directory, The Foo Logs, thanks The Foo (unfortunately, I couldn't find his email address when I was signing up, so he didn't get the referral fee...sorry!).


Osman said…
Hi Bobby
I also registered the site. i have seen site's ads in another blog. So i didn't write your name :(
if i had known that you also post, i would write yours!
I just love the Bestest Blogs!
Good Luck!!

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